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About Us

Who we are
WTCR is a family of intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment programs providing maintenance, detoxification and counseling services to the drug-addicted population. We were founded in the mid-1980's by Dr. Juan Garcia, M.D., Ph.D., and currently offer our services in ten locations throughout Texas, including Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas, Garland, Irving, Midland, Odessa, Plano, San Angelo and Temple.

Within the spectrum of maintenance and detoxification, we provide individualized and group therapy, substance abuse education, infectious disease education, and referrals.

Philosophy and Mission
WTCR recognizes that addiction is a medical illness that affects the whole person, the family system, the work environment, and the community. Although we understand that there are various approaches to addiction treatment, we believe that a combination of maintenance and counseling best serves the needs of our individual clients. Our treatment priority is to gain control over the constellation of addiction, to stop our clients´┐Ż need for drugs, and to remove our clients from the main circle that promotes drug use. An attainable goal for most clients is rehabilitation within maintenance to a level of productive employment, ability to live as a responsible citizen, and ability to support a family.

Specifically, our mission is as follows:
  • To provide professional services to all adult (18 years of age and older) addicts who wish to receive those services on an outpatient basis
  • To provide our services on an individualized basis (i.e. identify needs of each patient)
  • To enhance the quality of life of those adult clients served
  • To provide individual and group counseling addressing problems and feelings directly related to addiction
  • To provide substance abuse education
  • To provide referral services by identifying needs and offering solutions to the problems associated with addiction
  • To work toward a medication-free status for those clients for which this is medically indicated, prior to their discharge from our program